PaTacho - P(C) a(s) Tacho(meter) - Version 1.0 released 24.12.13

PaTacho - P(C) a(s) Tacho(meter)

0. Contents
1. What you need
2. Requirements
3. Connecting PC and Railway
4. License
5. Trademarks

1. What you need
You'll need a PC with Parallel Port (LPT1 through LPT3) and one or two
switches (Märklin H0 Circuit Tracks, Reed relais, photoelectric barrier, ...).
This is sufficient to use PaTacho as a stopwatch.
If you enter scale and length of lap and/or test stretch, then PaTacho will
also calculate the actual and prototypical speed of the vehicle.

2. Requirements
You need a PC with an 80386dx processor (486dx recommended), with VGA,
parallel printer port (LPT1, LPT2, or LPT3);
MS-DOS 5.0 or higher or a compatible third party DOS.

Windows 95 or Windows 98
You can start PATACHO.EXE from the Windows GUI. Windows switches to DOS mode
when you start the program.
OR simply hit F8 during the boot sequence and your PC will start in MS-DOS mode
(MS-DOS 7.0 bzw. 7.1).
You can also use a boot diskette as described under Windows Me.

Windows Me
The solutions described for Windows 95 and Windows 98 do not work for
Windows Me - except for using a boot diskette.
To create a boot diskette (under Windows 95, 98, or Me), please open the
Control Panel under "Start", then "Setting", go to "Add/Remove Programs" and
open the "Startup Disk" tab; here you hit the "Create Disk..." button.

Windows NT, Windows 2000, or Windows XP
These operating systems are not based on MS-DOS.
Currently I have no experience if and how PaTacho can be used under these
operating systems.
Tip: you may start DOS from diskette, bootable CD, or USB memory stick to
execute PaTacho.

3. Connecting PC and Railway
Rear view of the printer port connector:
\(13)(12)(11)(10)( 9)( 8)( 7)( 6)( 5)( 4)( 3)( 2)( 1)/
 \ (25)(24)(23)(22)(21)(20)(19)(18)(17)(16)(15)(14) /
PaTacho uses pin 13 for switch 1, pin 12 for switch 2.
Pins 18 through 25 are common ground.

Tip: Each Märklin curcuit track includes 2 cables; for temporary use you can
simply plug the blank ends of these cables into the holes of the printer port
(see image1.jpg).
Plug and Play with Märklin C Track
That's how I used PaTacho in the beginning.
Meanwhile I prepare a soldered plug that makes connecting and disconnecting
much more easy (see image2.jpg).
Using a soldered plug

Another tip: after starting the program, hit "C" for the configuration screen
where you enter scale, lap length and length of the test stretch; hit "H" or
"F1" for further information.

4. License
All rights not expressly granted here are reserved to Thomas Hövel Software.
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authorised by the terms of this agreement.
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This software is NOT a public domain program. It is copyrighted by
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Limited Warranty
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5. Trademarks
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